1. Overview

Alohasunrise operates based on these terms of service. Please read them thoroughly. By continuing using Alohasunrise , you agree to these terms 

The Website and all Content is operated and owned by Alohasunrise

2. Uses of the website

Except for using the content and all related links on the website for personal purposes, users are prohibited from:

a, Deliberately causing any interruption or destruction to the website. 

b, Violating the Website’s security, checking or scanning the Website’s vulnerabilities or making any changes to the Website without our consent.

c, Interfering with any other users of this website; posting any abusive, pornographic, defamatory content or in any other forms considered to be harmful or violating the law or community standard.

d, Along with these Terms, Alohasunrise terms and policies apply to the Use of the Website and different parts of Alohasunrise. We advise you to read other terms thoroughly before agreeing to continue the use of the website. Our operation is based on these terms.

3. Intellectual Property

All content used in Alohasunrise, including Data, software, logo, text, videos are the intellectual property of Alohasunrise. Except for viewing the content for your own non-commercial interest Alohasunrise does not allow you do use the content on our website for different purposes.

4. Limitation of Liability

Alohasunrise does not guarantee the following things:

a, The verified accuracy of content available on the Website;

b, The constant, uninterrupted access to our website.

c, The instance of fixing errors on our website. 

d, The website will be protected from virus and any form of cyber attack

Alohasunrise will not be held legally accountable for any loss, damage you might suffer from the usage of this website, including the use of information. You use the internet and accept the risks involved.

5. Termination of Use

You have the right to stop accessing this website when you want to.

Alohasunrise has the right to suspend access to the website from users any time at its discretion without notification in advance. The suspension will not change the liabilities of either users

Alohasunrise has the right to disclose any information managed by us to any bureaus under circumstances of allegation or investigation relating to your use you this website violating any of these terms. 

6. Variation to Terms

Alohasunrise may change these terms at any time at our discretion, and by using the website, you agree on this term. Alohasunrise does not need to issue any notice concerning the variation of terms. If you want to see the changes we have made, please check these terms yourself.

7. Governing Law

These Terms are made on the basis of the current laws. Any violation is considered eligible to bring into the course.

8. Other terms

If any of these Terms are unable to enforce or invalid, the offending term/s will be deleted from the Terms of Service and the modified terms will still be lawfully valid.

Alohasunrise may not instantly enforce these terms. That is not deemed as a waiver of Alohasunrise right to take action in the future.